Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoya Ginessa, Tori and Noel for 4th of July look!

I used a pin and Zoya Ginessa, Zoya Tori and Zoya Noel to create this look!  Easy and they work nicely together! :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

Zoya Trixie with Zoya Freja Tips

This came out really cute.  I used some nail striping tape to make a nice clean line for the tips. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zoya Trixie

I have to say I'm LOVING Zoya Trixie!  Its such a pretty silver foil polish.  It almost seems like its glowing on my nails.  I cannot stop looking at them.  I was thinking it would be fun to use some Zoya Freja for the tips or for some dots with it.  Maybe i'll play with that idea tomorrow! ;)

Zoya Sooki

My little girl choose Zoya Sooki for her manicure tonight.  She said she saw red on tan hands on tv and it was pretty.  I love this on her!  Its such a pretty red.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zoya Robyn & Zoya Charla half moon accent nail

I really like these paired together.  The only downside was that my thumb nail got a small break on the one side and when I took it off to fix it I got a blue stained Smurf finger.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Zoya Hermina, Zoya Richelle, Zoya Indigo

Here is Zoya Hermina

Zoya Hermina sponged with Zoya Richelle to tips making a gradient gold look.

I used Bundle Monster 224 plate and Zoya Indigo for stamping.

Here is the products I used for the look.  I skipped the Poshe today and went with Zoya Armor and fast drops.  I just took more time between coats and I felt like it dried more quickly this time. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zoya Erika with Zoya Izzy for stamping with Bundle Monster plate

Zoya Erika is a soft baby pink with beautiful gold shimmer to it.  It looks gorgeous in the sun.
I decided to stamp it with a flowery bundle monster stamp using Zoya Izzy.

Close up!
Zoya Alegra on toes.  I tried to use Alegra to do the stamping but it wasn't as dark as I hoped.  So, I used Izzy which is similar but shows up darker for stamping.

Zoya Erika

Zoya Erika with Zoya Izzy for stamping

In natural sunlight!
I'm loving this...its super cute an feminine!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Zoya Collection

                                           Here is my growing Zoya nail polish collection!


Zoya Myrta Swatches! Super pretty!

What a gorgeous Orange!
Zoyas description:
Zoya Nail Polish in Myrta can be best described as: Warm medium orange coral with red undertone, gold and silver metallic shimmer, and a foil-like finish. The coral color of Myrta is soft, but the foil finish gives it added warmth and glow.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zoya Gilda alone and with Zoya Mimi tips

Zoya Gilda in sunlight....super pretty with 2 coats.

Zoya Gilda with Zoya Mimi added to the tips.  Great combination!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zoya Shelby and Zoya Carly Swatches

My little girl chose Zoya Shelby for her nails and 
Z oya Carly for stamping.  It came out so cute I decided to do the same!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zoya Color Lock System & Polishes

I have to say i've wanted to try the Zoya Color Lock System and their polishes for some time and i'm glad I did.  I usually have issues with my finger nails peeling in layers at the tips and breaking once I start painting them but i've been using their system and polishes for about a month now and my nails are growing well and I have no issues with peeling at all.  I am impressed and I think I may be able to finally enjoy polishing my fingernails again!  I am hoping for some good sales so I can chop away at my wishlist!  I did use my share the love points for some buy 3 get 3 free recently. 

What are your fav Zoya colors in your collection?

I'm excited to see what Zoya have planned for fall.  They have been teasing on facebook.....

Alright, that was alot to catch up on! Hopefully from here on out i'll be able to upload my new nail looks they day they are done! At this point it seems at least 2-3 times per week i'm switching thing up.

Thanks for reading and looking!  Have a great day!

Nail wheel swatches & Half Moon mani on my Mini-Me!

I got nail wheels and spent the day swatching the colors to get an idea of what we had.  The girls love to go through them to pick their colors.  These are non-Zoya colors from a variety of different brands.  I have to take a pic of my Zoya wheels yet.

My little girls half moon manicure with an attempted skull on her thumb (She and her sister are big into Monster High!)

Zoya Kimber

Zoya Kimber is such and intersting color.  Sometimes it looks more red and sometimes it looks pink.  I really enjoyed wearing this color!  I can see it stamped with some golden funky design in my future!

Zoya Belle with Zoya Coraline Tips

Zoya Belle 2 coats

Zoya Belle 2 coats with Coraline Freehanded to the tips!
I get bored after a few days and then I try to spruce up the color I had to keep it for a few extra days!
What do you like to do to extend your manicure and change it up?

Fishtail accent nail! Zoya Ginessa

Fishtail accent nail done with Zoya Reagan, Zoya Purity and Zoya Perrie.  I saw this mentioned on Zoyas Facebook  page.  I researched and found a great tutorial on a nailbloggers site.  Easy and fun!
Other nails have 2 coats of Zoya Ginessa.

Funky Fingers and Skittles Toes!

Did these funky nails to go to the amusement park with the girls!
Used Zoya Dana, Zoya Perrie, and Zoya Robin.  Instead of sponging each color seperately I striped each color next to eachother on a makeup sponge.  I loved these colors together!
I used Zoya Anchor, 2 coats Zoya purity then sponged the 3 colors on each nail.  Finished with Zoya Armor and then Poshe Fast Drying Topcoat.
For my toes I used Zoya's Flash Collection then just stamped on a few flower designs with my mash plates.

My Sweet Husbands Find! My Manicure Table by Kaemark! :)

I never knew I needed this!  Now that I have it I LOVE IT!  My husband found this in the newspaper and told me he found something I needed!  Its perfect!  I got all my supplies organized in the 5 drawers and it makes it so much easier than how I had it stored.  My Zoya polishes have their own drawer....its so happy and colorful in there! :) I did have to get a rolling 3 drawer bin for storing all the other polishes we have.  I like what I did with them too.  I put the in each drawer according to colors and seperated the colors with either small boxes or some plastic containers inside the drawers.  My girls love coming over and sitting for their manicures now too!

Zoya Pippa, Jancyn & Maura Gradient

These colors looked great together!  I used Zoya Anchor, 2 coats of Zoya Purity and then sponged each color on, added Zoya Armor and Poshe top coat to dry them faster.  Did the same for my toes but used a MASH stamping plate for the leopard print.  They felt summery to me...and also reminded me of candy corn!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm back! Fresh Coat of the Day Zoya Reagan w/ Sparkle Gloss Top Coat!

I have alot of my new Zoya Polishes to share.  Planning to upload the colors/looks I didn't get to post!  I had alot going on adjusting to kids on summer vacation and we adopted a puppy!  Who is doing great with her training!

Today's Fresh Coat is Zoyas Reagan with Sparkle Gloss Top Coat!  I really love this look!

I started using my Poshe Fast Drying top coat instead of the Zoya Fast Drops because I felt like I had to really baby my nails for an hour even after using them.  The Poshe is good to go in 5 mins!  (Which is great considering they busy days we've been having!)