Sunday, June 17, 2012

Zoya Color Lock System & Polishes

I have to say i've wanted to try the Zoya Color Lock System and their polishes for some time and i'm glad I did.  I usually have issues with my finger nails peeling in layers at the tips and breaking once I start painting them but i've been using their system and polishes for about a month now and my nails are growing well and I have no issues with peeling at all.  I am impressed and I think I may be able to finally enjoy polishing my fingernails again!  I am hoping for some good sales so I can chop away at my wishlist!  I did use my share the love points for some buy 3 get 3 free recently. 

What are your fav Zoya colors in your collection?

I'm excited to see what Zoya have planned for fall.  They have been teasing on facebook.....

Alright, that was alot to catch up on! Hopefully from here on out i'll be able to upload my new nail looks they day they are done! At this point it seems at least 2-3 times per week i'm switching thing up.

Thanks for reading and looking!  Have a great day!

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