Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm back! Fresh Coat of the Day Zoya Reagan w/ Sparkle Gloss Top Coat!

I have alot of my new Zoya Polishes to share.  Planning to upload the colors/looks I didn't get to post!  I had alot going on adjusting to kids on summer vacation and we adopted a puppy!  Who is doing great with her training!

Today's Fresh Coat is Zoyas Reagan with Sparkle Gloss Top Coat!  I really love this look!

I started using my Poshe Fast Drying top coat instead of the Zoya Fast Drops because I felt like I had to really baby my nails for an hour even after using them.  The Poshe is good to go in 5 mins!  (Which is great considering they busy days we've been having!)

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