Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 2012 Julep Polish Lovers Mystery Box

I got the September 2012 Julep Polish Lovers Mystery Box.  I thought I would be adventurous and get some surprise colors...since I have a tendency to buy certain colors.  I really like the colors I got.  I got Melissa, Ellen, Charlotte and Lynn.

I am also posting what I got in the 1 cent box.   I got Blake, Morgan and Claire.  Here are pics and swatches from each box.  I also got a cute small pink and black reusable Julep bag with each order.

I put Ellen on my toes and it looks so pretty!  I think the wear has been good on these.  I used them on girls and they held up for them for a few days.


  1. I usually don't like yellows, but I like the one that you got!

  2. This is a nice pale yellow. Not too bright or bold.

  3. So exciting! I had to go searching to see what people got in there boxes. I'm still waiting for mine. Takes a little longer to get to Canada

  4. Hope you get something great! I hope you add it to your I can see what you get too!