Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zoya Ray Swatches

Wanted to switch it up with something different today.  So, I choose Zoya Ray.  It's such a gorgeous hunter green color.  Very Fall and fantastic!  I filed my nails down this morning and am sharing a pic of my tiny nub too.  I have to say I love Zoya poloshes because they do seem to wear much better for me than other brands.  Do you have certain brands that seem to wear better for you too?


  1. Your nails look good even with the nubbin. I didn't care much for's a little too dark for my taste. Zoya is my favorite brand...I love their formula and brushes. I love their vast amount of colors and they have awesome promos! I agree about Zoya's wear time as well. I think Zoya makes the best creams. Next to Zoya, I like Orly...I like their formula and brushes too (oh and I like Orly's rubber handle).

  2. Thanks Crystal. Getting used to the little nubbin! I just ordered the Zoya Designer Collection with the last promo. I'm excited to get them. They do make great creams!