Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 2012 Birchbox

I got a great box this month.  Everything is useful.

Hydro Silk Razor
Pixi Blush No.2 Purest Peach
Caldrea Hand Soap
Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy La Fleur
DDF Brightening Cleanser

Not in the picture is my DDF Brightening Cleanser.


  1. I just signed up for Birchbox this month! Can't wait to receive my first box...I hope I love it! I think I like the idea of being surprised every month. You got a really nice box!

  2. My Mom also subscribes and she just likes the surprise each month too! We sometimes trade things if its not something we'd use. We've been having fun with it. I'm going to try Julep Maven too.

  3. I *think* I'll finally start a blog when I receive my Birchbox. I clicked on the Julep Maven link yesterday from somebody's blog (can't remember who), but didn't sign up. Sign up was only .01 cent for the first month. I keep trying to rationalize and justify buying more polish when I clearly don't need anymore. LOL

  4. We can never have enough polish! :) Doing the blog has been fun so far. Its fun to have a record of what i've done to my nails and also challenge myself to be a little different from time to time! Let me know if you start one so I can check it out. Are you going to do a nail/beauty blog?

  5. I agree...we really can never have enough polish. :) I think mine will be a nail polish/haul/random blog...because sometimes I'm just random. :)