Tuesday, August 14, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neon Nails with Star Stamps

I used Mash-49 and put some stars on my neon nails.  I'm loving how cute this came out!  Not perfect but still cute!


  1. Very cute mani! I bought the newest Bundle Monster plates without a clue how to use them. LOL I'm hoping to learn how to use them soon!

  2. Thanks! There are tons of good tutorials for stamping. They are so fun to use but may take a few trys to get it down. You can just stamp on paper for practice. I use regular polishes for stamping...you will find some work better than others. So, always test it first. Also, if you find you don't like the placement or the design didn't apply right an easy trick its to do a topcoat over the color and if you hate it you can lightly remove it with a qtip and some remover. Here is a link to a stamping tutorial from nail art 101. She has alot of neat things on there! :) Hope this helps a bit! Happy Stamping! :)