Monday, August 20, 2012

Lacquer Convention Pop Tart Swatches

OMG!  Nail how I describe this!  I love how this looks!!  I put 2 coats of Lacquer Convention Pop Tart of 2 coats of Zoya Snow White to create this amazingness!  Out the Door top coat used with this look.

I also got Lacquer Convention Galinda...which is perfect for me...being pink and all!

Yes, I had to change my nails once this arrived in the mail today! :)  You'll see why below! :)

I purchased these on Esty from Lacquer Convention.

Do you have any Lacquer Convention polishes?


  1. Oh gosh, this is really cute! It really does look like pop tart sprinkles. Unfortunately, I am not a glitter girl at all, so I don't buy glitter polishes too much. I do have a few, but the painstaking process of removing glitter really turns me off. I just bought 2 glitter polishes a few weeks ago because I really liked the look of them - they are by CrowsToes. One is called "Wonder Woman" and the other is called "I Make The Path". I really like "Wonder Woman" alot. I think most glitter polishes are pretty, but I just hate the removal process.

  2. I actually compared it at the store to the PopTart box! LOL! I was really surprised today when I took it off because it wasn't near as bad as some i'm had to get off. Maybe it was the 2 layers of Snow White underneath that saved me! :)