Friday, August 31, 2012

Zoya Dannii Swatches, My Helmer and mini Sally's purchase

Yesterday I had a very busy day and I wasn't able to post what I had prepared.  My helmer arrived in the morning and I assembled it.  It was very easy to put together.  My girls were home from school and we had a lot of things to do. The dishwasher broke and we had to get a new one after we took the dog to the vet.  It was a late night and my sink is still overflowing with dishes.  We tried to install it at 8 o'clock at night and found out we need a fitting.  Why is it that they do not give the smallest simplest item when you spend so much for something?  On a positive note my husband got me my anniversary and birthday present on Thursday, I decided to finally get an iPad!  I'm trying to find a good photo editing app for my iPad.  I want to see how the picture now compared to using my camera.  I'm going to try to post a few pics here today.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!  Thanks for looking!  I also picked up a few polishes at Sally's Orly Be Brave, Fowl Play and Lollipop.

My Lovely Helmer! :)  I even went through my polishes and made the girls their own container that they can use and I don't care if they ruin, spill or make them clumpy.  What is in the Helmer can be used but only if I am applying it for them.  

I lined the drawers with the non skid cabinet liner and used a few boxes for keeping the polishes from falling. 
Trying to decide how to organize the colors.  This drawer is yellow, orange, and green.

My little Sally's purchase.

How do these pics look to you?


  1. I like that Helmer and the pics look good!

  2. Thanks Crystal. The Helmer is great! I'm glad the pics look good.